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My Ski Story: You Can Make It!

2023-11-28 发布
Go skiing has been a dream to me, especially since I was bothered to learn skating. Don’t be afraid of ski. Let’s enjoy skiing! 
Go skiing has been a dream to me, because it takes me so long to learn skating, so I take for granted1 it would take me forever to ski perfectly2.

  On the way to the ski spot, all I am thinking about is: will I fall down? What should I do if do fall? Will it hurt my body? Even though they are not questions at all to those advanced skiers, it really bothers me for a while. To be, or not to be? Just wait and see.

  Got the clothes and ski equipments ready, just found there were so many people, I was totally at the sea, and didn’t know what I should do. I was a little bit scared, my legs were trembling, and I knew I will fall down very soon. I noticed my friends have started themselves, even though what I saw was their fall. I knew the hardest thing was to get started.

  I have been standing3 here for ten minutes; I can’t wait any more, and otherwise the whole day will be wasted. I poked4 the poles into the snow, so I got started. I got stared, I got the speed, ha-ha, but, but the moment I got speed, it was the end of the beginning. The speed only lasted less than thirty seconds, I toppled. And you know I am a very persistent5 girl, so I tried so much effort to get up To be honest with you, just in the primary slope, I didn’t know how many times I have kissed the snow. Every time when I thought I can ski well, can ski like flying, then I toppled again. Even though I was told if you want to learn skiing, you have to be ready to topple,I had to stop this, had to find a way to solve the problem.

  What I did next was found a place and stood there quietly; I began to watch the skiers around me, how they positioned their bodies over their skis. Hey, look at those advanced skiers: they stand so relaxed, knees slightly bent6- their body almost perpendicular7 to the hill. The center of their gravity was on the leading part of their skis, not on the tails. So, now, come on, fix yourself, and maintain8 your weight on the balls of your feet, bent your knees a little, I bet9 you have got the feeling. Keep skiing. Ha, you got it, now you can start skiing and can ski for hundreds meters without falling.

  Since I don’t know how to turn myself, I am still a novice,so my first ski story will stop now, I just would like to sum up a little bit:

● Don’t be afraid of ski. Nobody knows it when he was born.

● Besides money, you have to bring enough clothes, gloves, hats to make yourself warm, and also the sun glass if you want to be cool. If you don’t have water proofed10 clothes, you can rent them in the ski spot.

● If you don’t want to fall down too many times, then don’t get started in a rush, just watch how the advanced skiers position their body over the skies.

● When you think you can get started, just remember to control the center of your gravity on the leading part of your skis, not on the tails, bent your knees a little.

  Ok, don’t sit there any more. Believe yourself, when you believe it, you can make it, let’s enjoy skiing!

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